The Ultimate Checklist For Hosting A Outdoor BBQ

Are you getting ready to host an outdoor barbecue for the upcoming holiday season? If so, there’s nothing quite like gathering up friends and family under sunny skies and having everyone enjoy each other’s company over some delicious food. From finding the perfect location to deciding on what dishes to prepare, it can take time and effort to plan for an outdoor barbeque. To help make your job easier, we compiled an ultimate checklist that is packed with helpful tips you need to have a successful BBQ! Keep reading to find out more!

Plan your menu

Start by creating a menu that fits the occasion. Think about what type of dishes you would like to serve and how many people will be attending. Make sure to include vegetarian options for those who do not eat meat. Additionally, it’s always helpful to make extra food so everyone can enjoy seconds or thirds if they want!

Send invitations to your guests

Send out the invitations early so that everyone can mark their calendars. Specify the date and time, as well as how many people you’re inviting. And don’t forget to include all of your contact information, in case they need to reach out with any questions.

What type of BBQ will you have?

Will you be grilling hamburgers and hotdogs, smoking brisket, or cooking up some fish tacos? Whatever type of BBQ you decide on, make sure to buy enough food for everyone. If you’re looking to save money and impress your guests, consider making items like sides and desserts yourself.

Get all the essentials

Make sure to stock up on all the necessary supplies such as charcoal briquettes, matches, utensils, paper plates/napkins/cups, condiments (i.e ketchup & mayo), and other items that might come in handy while grilling. Also, don’t forget extra ice just in case!

Choose the location

Pick a location that is safe, convenient for all of your guests, and has enough space to accommodate everyone. This could be in your backyard or at a nearby park. If you’re grilling out in public spaces make sure to check with local laws first to ensure you can use an open flame or charcoal grill.

Have some entertainment

Planning some additional activities will make the event more enjoyable for everyone involved. Bring along some music or set up outdoor games like cornhole or bocce ball. You could even plan a movie night by setting up a projector screen and popping some popcorn! 

Purchase or prepare the food

Now it’s time to purchase or prepare your menu items. Make sure you have enough food on hand for all of your guests and consider buying disposable plates and utensils if you won’t be able to do dishes afterward. Don’t forget condiments like ketchup and mustard too!

Set up the grill and cooking area

If you’re using a grill to cook food, make sure it is clean and ready to go. Set up the cooking area with all of the necessary ingredients and utensils, such as oil, seasoning, tongs, and spatulas.

Serve the food and drinks

Once your guests arrive, it’s time to start grilling! Make sure there’s enough space for everyone to move around comfortably while they’re eating their meal. And don’t forget about beverages – offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options so that everyone can have something refreshing to drink.

Clean up after the party

When the barbeque is over, it’s time to do some cleaning up. Gather all of the garbage and food leftovers, as well as any plates and utensils that have been used. Make sure to dispose of everything properly so you don’t create a mess in your backyard!

Game and entertainment

Don’t forget to plan some fun activities and games that everyone can participate in once they’re done eating. This could include a frisbee tournament, cornhole, or even karaoke!

Whole backyard setup

Finally, it’s a good idea to turn your backyard into a welcoming and inviting space for everyone to enjoy. This can include stringing up some festive decorations, lighting tiki torches, or setting out comfortable seating areas.

What to wear

Don’t forget to let your guests know what type of attire would be appropriate. Depending on the theme, you can suggest that people dress casually or more formally for the occasion.

How to wrap it up

As the party winds down, thank your guests for attending and let them know how much you enjoyed having them there. You can also hand out small favors as a token of appreciation, such as personalized mugs or key chains with their initials.

How to prepare for unexpected issues

Last but not least, make sure to have a plan in place in case of any unforeseen circumstances. This can include how you’ll handle inclement weather or what you’ll do if there is an issue with the food.

Final Thought

Hosting a successful outdoor barbeque doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With the right planning and preparation, you can make sure that your guests will have an enjoyable time. From creating the perfect menu to setting up the backyard space, follow this ultimate checklist and you’ll be sure to throw an unforgettable barbeque!

Let’s get grilling! Happy BBQ-ing everyone! 🙂

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